Fuji Crosstown

PRICE: $40/day (see price grid) 

SIZES AVAILABLE: S (15"), S/M (17"), M/L (21"), L (23")

The Fuji Crosstown is the quintessential recreational get-around bike, the Crosstown 2.0 has a comfortable, upright riding position that will make your rides more enjoyable, more leisurely, and undeniably non-competitive. To enhance your comfort even more, the Fuji Crosstown features a suspension seatpost and an adjustable stem. And for utility, it also has fenders front and rear, a sturdy alloy rack with spring clip, rust-proof alloy kickstand, and handlebar-mounted bell for letting your friends hunched over on their racing bikes know that you're still cruising along comfortably behind them.

The Fuji Crosstown was the second most requested bike for Cycle Zydeco with the riders covering about 40 miles per day at a leisurely pace and no hills to speak of.