Most of the boats we have for rent are good competition boats suitable for the Tour du Teche, Colorado 100 and other competitive events.  We do have one good all around recreational kayak, Wilderness Tarpon.  We also recommend visiting Pack & Paddle who has a complete a selection of boats, gear and apparel.  They also have an exentensive library of places to paddle and hike on their website.  Click here to visit the Pack & Paddle website for rental information.

Wilerness Tarpon 130 T Kayak

  • There is a great recreational seat on top kayak for 1 person or 2.

  • If you are paddling solo there is a center seat so the boat will stay well balanced in the water.

  • This boat has raced in the Phat Water on the Mississippi River; paddled across Cyrpemort Point; throughout the basin; along the coast in Florida; up and down the Vermilion River and the Bayou Teche.

  • though it is a bit heavy, the boat can be lifted by one person.

Spirt PRS 570 surf ski

  • This is a great competitive surf ski with many features.

  • Rudder

  • Hydration packs and tubes that can be completely enclosed in the the hull

  • padded seat

  • This boat has raced in the Colorado 100


Wenonah Kevlar Canoe

This is a 16 foot and very fast canoe.  Perfect for adventure racing or long paddles.  This boat has paddled parts of the Atchafalaya River, Cypremort Point, Vermilion River, Lake Martin and Bayou Teche.  

It is very stable and because of the length you will not cross paddles with your partner nor spray them when paddling.  


Spencer Tandem Racing Safari Kayak

This safari style racing kayak is made from carbon fiber.  It is super light weight and only wants to go fast.  It is takes balance to work this boat.  It has two padded seats with a foam seat for water cooler.  This boat was used in the first Tour du Teche.  

Paddles & Other Gear

We also have a few specialized paddles that you can upgrade to.   Life jackets are included with your boat rental as well.