Tour des Atakapas: Run, Paddle, Run Duathlon 2019

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Tour des Atakapas: Run, Paddle, Run Duathlon 2019

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Unless you are participating in the paddle race as a tandem team, please purchase a separate registration for each participant. To register multiple people in one transaction simply add a single item to your cart for each person. This will enable us to reduce check-in and timing errors by getting all the information we need for each participant.

T-shirts are sold separately for this event, you can get one for $15 by paying for it with your registration.

Single or Tandem:
Own Boat or Rental ($20):
$15 Shirt (per participant):
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At Festival Acadiens et Créoles
Saturday October 12, 2019

Two years we introduced a run/paddle/run duathlon option for Tour des Atakapas, and this year - we're doing it again! You can bring you own boat or rent one.

Boat options include kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards. Compete as a solo racer or in the tandem (two-person team) division. Rentals are canoes (tandem) or kayaks (solo) only.

If you love Festivals Acadiens et Créoles as much as we do then you will love the Tour des Atakapas race! Celebrating our Cajun & Creole heritage is important to maintaining our culture in south Louisiana.  The run is a joint coordinated project between TRAIL and Festivals Acadiens et Créoles.  The run raises money to invest back into the parks and recreational facilities in our communities.