Transportation Recreation Alternatives In Louisiana

Building a better community by building opportunities for outdoor recreation.  To assist in those efforts we put on several events that not only give you a reason to get outside and be active (ride, walk, paddle, run, ...), but also utilize many of the projects we invest in.  

WHAT does TRAIL do?

TRAIL's primary mission is to build recreational facilities; from bike lanes to bike path to paddle trails to trail heads to maps to resting benches.  TRAIL primarily works along side government agencies, individuals and other organizations to help build and/or maintain recreational facilities.  

WHY does TRAIL do?

We feel that there is a tremendous opportunity to improve general and casual recreation in Louisiana.  Louisiana has the benefit of weather that permits easy year round running, hiking, biking activities.  However, we feel there needs to be more definable access to 

HOW does TRAIL do?

Today the business model of TRAIL is to utilize the various events it produces to generate cash to pay all basic overhead and create an account which can be used toward projects whether through matching a grant or simply investing in a project.

WHAT has been done?

  • TRAIL purchased property to add to Acadiana Park & Nature Station then cut the longest nature trail South of Chicot State Park.  
  • In a partnership with the Rotary Club of Lafayette north we installed 4 bike racks-bench-kiosk structures in Lafayette.  
  • In a partnership with BikeLafayette we ran cycling safety advertisements on  
  • We worked with the TECHE Project, St. Martin Tourism and the Acadiana Area MPO to win a grant to fund a trail head in Parc Pont Breaux on the Bayou Teche that includes showers.  
  • TRAIL has been a party to 4 grants helping fund the initial stages of the Atakapa-Ishak Trail (Parc Sans Souci to Beaver Park). 
  • TRAIL donated $15,000 to the Lafayette Central Park (the Horse Farm) in 2015.