This project embodies the essence of TRAIL in terms of partnership and swift executions.  In under 4 months TRAIL negotiated with land owners of almost 100 acres North of Acadiana Park & Nature Station to get access to the properties and then we cut in 4 miles of trails connecting to the existing Acadiana Park trail system then we put on a 10k trail run to get almost 200 people to inaugurate the new trails, which are now some of the longest trails in South Louisiana.  Our work in the Acadiana Park & Nature Station area continues today.  The Cajun Country 1/2 Marathon (road), 10k (trail) and 5k (trail) runs are a key financial driver that allows TRAIL to continually invest back into the park.  In 2012 TRAIL purchased property along the Vermilion River and Debalion Coulee to add to the park system.  

That is a prime example of TRAIL working along side of Lafayette Consolidated Government agencies and private land owners to build an outdoor recreational facility and to do it quickly.  TRAIL has worked hard to add additional trails to the park for hiking!  Visit to see all that Acadiana Park has to offer you!